Baiss Eric Magnusson

Involved in the development of Internet based applications, both server and client side. Current project is an iPhone native application, based upon Track-Your-Finances.

Past expertise in the areas of vector graphics program design, real time simulation/concurrent processing, video capture/playback, database design/development, embedded software development, device drivers, educational software, and computer typography. Am particularly experienced in the field of object oriented programming, based upon the Scandinavian school of OO language design. Spent over three years working on NASA's Apollo Space program, software developed by me was used to provide numerical positioning for the Apollo 13 re-entry configuration used by Ken Mattingly during the crisis.

BA-Mathematics/Computer Science, fields of study, "Numerical Analysis and Programming Language Architecture", Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
Post Graduate Course Work:
Mathematics, "The Abstract Calculus of Form", University of Washington.
Computer Science, "Discrete System Simulation using Simula 67", University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
Computer Science, "Microprocessor Architecture", Seattle University.
Computer Science, "Object Oriented Programming", University of California at Santa Cruz.
Computer Science, "Discrete System Simulation", University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Computer Science, "The Beta Programming Language", Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.

Co-Founder, WebObjects SIG, Seattle, WA.
Apple World Wide Developer Conference attendee: 1989, 1991-95, 2001.
WOWODC Worldwide WebObjects Community attendee: 2008, 2010.
Third party contributor, the Beta language (a parent language to Java) , Mjolner Informatics Aps, Aarhus, Denmark, 1984-95.
Member, Simula Development Group (ASU) Oslo, Norway, 1978-85.

Programming languages: any of the Extended Backus-Naur form.
Markup Languages: HTML & DHTML, CSS, XML

Entrepreneur, WebObjects Developer, Java Developer, Consultant, Cascade Web Design.
Main project has been the web-based application Track-Your-Finances.

Senior Software Engineer, 4thPass Incorporated, May. 2000-Sept. 2000
Programmed a WMLScript parser for the Palm OS, part of 4thPass's KBrowser, a PDA based Internet browser. Developed a Palm application downloader for same KBrowser. Developed a C++ garbage collector for the PalmOS WMLScript parser. Work done in Java and Palm C++.

Lead Software Engineer, Misty City Software, Kirkland, WA, Jan. 1999-June 2000.
Sole engineer involved in the development of their next generation Grade Book application. Utilized Java with Swing to develop a complex spreadsheet type view (four interconnected JTables) of the classical grade book application. Utilized JDBC to create a SQL queriable database for the gradebook.

Senior Computer Specialist, University of Washington, June 1999-Sept. 1999
Was contracted by Health Sciences Center for Educational Resources to update the next version of the Java based NeuroSyllabus CD.

Software Engineer, Appian Graphics, Redmond, WA, August 1997-Jan. 1999.
Developed "Windows 98 Display Control Panel" features for the multi-monitor grahics cards made by Appian. Wrote the OpenGL screen saver which is distributed with the graphics cards, which were the first of their kind to provide multi-monitor support on the Windows platform. Work done in C and C++.

Macintosh Software Engineer, Edmark (became a division of IBM in January 1997), Redmond, WA., March 1996-July, 1997
Software author of the GeoMovie module of Cosmic Geometry, an Eddy nominated educational software product for the 11-13 age group. Developed the number line module for Astro Algebra, the last in the Edmark Mighty Math series. Cross platform development done in C++.

Macintosh Project Lead, Precision Digital Images, Redmond, WA., Oct. 1993-March 1996
Developer of the device drivers, API, and demo application for PDI's series of video image frame grabbers, both PCI and NuBus based. Was project lead of the PCI Power Macintosh products which was an Apple seeded venture and participated with Apple in their global roll out of the PCI Power Macintoshes. Work done in C.

Project Manager, Psivox Corp., Mercer Island, WA., 1993
Involved in research aimed at the development of a "Thinking Space" expert system/artificial intelligence application. Developed prototypes in 4D and C++ on the Macintosh. Did extensive research into cognition.

Technical Staff, ScenicSoft Inc., Everett, WA., 1992-93
Did the original development of the Macintosh implementation of the high-end pre-press application, Preps, which is now the most popular imposition tool in the world. Preps lets you perform in software virtually every operation that a film stripper can perform manually: for page imposition, gang, or step-and-repeat; for sheet or web, for any number of color layers; for any size of page, plate or signature.

R&D Programmer, Autodesk / Generic Software , Bothell, WA., 1987-92
Part of a team of senior software designers which developed a professional level CAD program for the Macintosh OS. Participated in all three commercial releases of the product. Developed all the disk input/output; designed an Apple Event interface for System 7 compatibility and external scripting via Frontier, et al.; programmed the database engine; Macintosh based text handling; PICT parsing; memory allocation and de-allocation; undo/redo logic; information palette editing; dialogs, menu's etc. regarding the coordinate systems, grid layout and multiple text editing for manual entry of coordinates and values. Was project lead of the included translator which translates Generic CADD's PC file structure into the Macintosh file structure and does DXF translation. Developed the Autocad DWG file import feature of Generic CADD. Designed and wrote a parts list pricing add-on to Generic CADD in HyperCard which utilizes an Apple Event to extract information from CADD. Program development was done in C and C++.

Database Designer, Magnus Computer Consulting, 1987
Developed a personal financial package based on 4D which was presented to the New Road Map Foundation, for use in the program Achieving Financial Independence. This was the beginning of Track-Your-Finances.

Consultant, Caddex Corporation, Woodinville, WA., 1987
Re-wrote the APS5 Photo composition Machine Driver of the Caddex Technical Publishing System which was installed at Hughes Aircraft Corporation, Fullerton, CA. By using a relative positioning algorithm rather than fixed position was able to reduce galley throughput three-fold. Program was done in C under VAX VMS. By completing project in half the contract time earned a $6000 bonus.

Consultant, Carl Nelson & Assoc., Everett, WA., now Software Architects, 1986-87
Worked on their disk driver installer software.

Sr. Software Engineer, Caddex Corporation Woodinville, WA., 1986
Troubleshot areas of a very large technical publishing system, over 600,000 lines of C code, correcting problems in the Command Processor, Hyphenation, Justification, and Output Drivers.

Projects Manager, Azurdata/MSI Data Corporation, Redmond, WA., 1981-86
Principle duties included managing a team of professional engineers, interfacing with corporate management, and design of computer systems for the retail food and drug industry. Designed systems for pharmaceutical third party billing, shelf price audit, and direct store delivery. All systems involved multiple computer interface via telecommunications and historical database access. The shelf price audit retrieval algorithm of scanned codes became the industry leader.

Graphics Engineer, Department of Printing, Univ. of Wash. Seattle, WA., 1979-80
Implemented and modified the DEC ITPS typesetting software for the University Press. Project involved setting up the switch-over from a manual "cold lead" type shop to an on-line computer system. Programs developed included a spooler for the four different print devices, typesetting drivers for three different typesetting machines; and mini-database and parsing programs for automatic production of several university catalogs. Work done in Simula 67.

Systems Analyst/Programmer IV, Health Sciences Learning Resources Center, University of Washington, Seattle, WA., 1973-81
Researcher in the field of Computer Assisted Instruction. Had four papers published for professional meetings. Seven published instructional programs in CAI for the Medical School, Department of Speech and Hearing, and the King County Library System. All programming work was done in Simula 67. As a researcher, I studied the mathematics of the abstract calculus of form, most prominently the Beta programming language and G. Spencer Brown's, "The Abstract Calculus of Form".

Geodesic Dome Designer, Whole Systems Guild, Woodinville, WA., 1972-73

Systems Programmer/Analyst, Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas, 1967-71
Became software project leader for the Mainline Apollo Command Module Procedures Simulator(CMPS). Authored/co-authored five papers which were part of the Apollo Working Papers. Designed the CMPS real-time executor. Implemented the numerical method for the deriving of atmospheric coefficients for spacecraft re-entry drag calculations. Developed the utilities for analog to digital and digital to analog conversions which were used by the Apollo simulators and through to the Shuttle simulators. Work done in CDC Assembler and Fortran IV. Apollo Space Program Stories

Programs which were commercially sold.

Programs which were developed and distributed under the institutional direction of the University of Washington.
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